7-Day Challenge: 5 flavors

7-Day Challenge: 5 flavors

15 bottles instead of 14 --- because we know you want more ;)

3 bottles each of 

Berry Blast, Ginger Lemon, Guava, Kaffir Lemongrass, Matoom

*as of October 19, 2017

**Flavors vary on availability


Make it a daily habit, and feel the difference. Drink better, live better.


We recommend you try BOOCH for at least 7 days, to start feeling its effects and benefits. Have 1 serving (320 mL bottle) in the morning, in lieu of your morning coffee, and another before dinner (around 5-6 pm if you usually eat dinner at 7pm or so). Try not to drink your second bottle too late, as this *might* keep you up (it's caffeinated!)

*You may drink more, or less, if you prefer. But to feel immediate effects, 2 bottles a day is a good start.

At first, you may be a bit uncomfortable (flatulence, more frequent bowel movements) for the first few days, but your body will soon adjust and things should go back to normal.

Get into the BOOCH Revolooch!

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