Berry Blast

Berry Blast

The BOOCH Gout Buster!

A delicious, tart blend of 5 berries (including local wild raspberry called "sampinit") with our BOOCH brew... Ideal for preventing and relieving pain from gout, arthritis, and other "aches and pains."


Berries, Cherries, and other dark-pigmented fruit are rich in Anthocyanins.

  • Anthocyanin-rich berry fruits have been shown to be active against some of today’s most common diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.

  • Anthocyanins and other berry extracts have been shown to directly protect the blood vessels and the neurological system.

  • Anthocyanins and other berry extracts have also been shown to have remarkable anti-aging effects, staving off the effects of free radical damage, which build up over time, causing disease.

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*Limited stocks available* *Seasonal*