Matoom (Bael Fruit)

Matoom (Bael Fruit)

Matoom or Bael fruit is a popular fruit tea in Thailand and India, known for it's refreshing taste and health benefits.

Bael Fruit (Aeglemarmelos)has many names and it is often called wood-apple, stone apple, golden apple, holy fruit, Bengal quince and Indian bael. It is also called bel, bela, sirphal, maredoo in India, matoom and mapin in Thailand. In Cambodia this fruit is calledphneou or pnoi, Vietnamese would call it baunau and in Malya is known as bilak, or majapahit and modjo in Java. French call it oranger du Malabar and it is known as marmelos in Portuguese.

The Matoom tea is believed to have benefits of healing digestive disorders, internal wounds like haemorrhoids and ulcers, disinfecting the gastro-intestinal tract, healing constipation and getting rid of accumulated toxins in the intestines. Bael fruit tea is also used as a remedy for asthma, common cold, diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

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