Enjoyed in Asia and Eastern Europe for 2,000 years, kombucha tea is regaining popularity around the globe because of its wondrous health benefits. We call our brew BOOCH.

Just like the process used for beer and wine – fermentation – BOOCH is infused with natural carbonation, probiotics, amino acids, enzymes, and electrolytes that help detoxify the body and extract and retain nutrients from food. BOOCH is a refreshing, healthy, all natural sparkling tea low in sugar, but high on taste. 

You deserve a drink that treats you right. In an age where sugary, artificially-flavored beverages have been proven to cause obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and depression, we offer a better way. Drink better, live better.

Our BOOCH can be enjoyed any time – first thing in the morning (for maximum effects), or with breakfast (in lieu of coffee), before or after a long work out, or inside a cocktail for a guilt-free happy hour. 

We harvest our BOOCH in small batches, to ensure its quality. Our BOOCH is not manufactured in a factory, but instead brewed with much love and care. We’ve developed our own flavors, sourcing fresh, in-season and local ingredients.

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