Notes on your BOOCH

  • Keep refrigerated. Please note that when warm or at room temperature, your BOOCH may continue to ferment and build carbonation, causing the bottle cap to pop. Keeping BOOCH refrigerated causes the probiotics to “sleep.” Do not shake the bottle before opening.
  • We recommend you have one serving first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, to yield immediate results. You may feel a bit queasy at first, slightly flatulent, and may “visit the loo” a little more than usual. Things will normalize after a day or two. Should you want to enjoy another serving, it is best to do so before meals and not too late in the day or evening as BOOCH is caffeinated and may keep you awake at night.
  • It is also recommended to “feel your way” through while drinking BOOCH for the first few days. If you are uncomfortable, decrease your intake to just a few sips a day, until your body adjusts to the probiotics and other ingredients. Let us know how you’re doing, and we’ll gladly answer any of your queries.
  • Best served cold, or with ice. Should you find it too sour or tart, feel free to add some honey or sugar before drinking. You may also mix BOOCH with fruit juices, muddled, chopped or cubed fresh fruit, white wine, vodka, or other booze. Try our different flavors, and find a combination you enjoy! A natural alternative to artificial sodas, juices and iced teas, BOOCH is refreshing and good for you.
  • We recommend you consume your BOOCH within 6 months of production date (date indicated on the bottle). It will not spoil, however, some sedimentation and fermentation may occur. You may strain the BOOCH before drinking, should you prefer this. Don’t worry, the sediments & film are the LIVE probiotics, and won’t harm you :)

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